Star Wars FOC Alliance Rebellion-RB Rebels GC-Improving graphics-part 69

More play and at the same time testing reshade. Mostly I believe how the best settings are AdaptiveSharpen, BloomAndLensFlares, LumaSharpen, MXAO and SMAA. Some people add Vibrance and HDR but the first makes things more scratched, it disables the color settings from maps and the second adds a lot of color/brightness changes which they will disable other map settings and your screen settings if you have them. Even for me, these two make me a big dizzy. My eyes can not live with them active.

One day, I will share the configuration profile created playing the mod.

I recomend you check my web site if you want know about the future additions.

I remember you how this GC was started several time ago and somethings as the filters, some ground death animations and more can show errors when really they are correct.

●All the progress about the mod►

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