New game incursion – Blitzkrieg 3

New game incursion – Blitzkrieg 3

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Because I have been playing Sudden Strike 4, I started a new campaign with the Blitzkrieg 3. Both games were released few time ago and they are similar. But there are differences. I added subtitles as always lately.

Blitzkrieg games are very similar at concept to the Sudden Strike games. They are RTS where you must command a smaller or sometimes big group of units against the enemy in several positions, usually the missions in the campaign are very linear and you must get some objectives if you want go to the next.

Compared to Sudden Strike 4, I prefer SS4 because the campaign is more elaborated and you control more units. Both are subrealistic but in Blitzkrieg 3 many missions are more as commando missions where you must repeat them several times if you want success. It is not very easy. Fun yes, easy no. SS4 is more easier and it continues being fun.

It is curious because the first Sudden Strike games were more difficult and Blitzkrieg games were easier at comparation but the last Blitzkrieg is more difficult for me and it was worse, I played the game with the early access version and in the begining was impossible of be played, difficulty was too heavy for me and in the begining, you could not save a game. Now you can, missions are better and everything are more fun.

Moral of a fable. Better do not play a early access if you do not want consume your mind with a good game. The first opinions will influence a lot your final opinion and you will lose any interest in the game.

Anyway, from all the WWII games, it is not bad, it has very good graphics and gameplay is fun.

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