New game incursion – A new campaign with Battletech

New game incursion – A new campaign with Battletech

(I am recovering some good all post from my previous web site)

Again I have started a campaign with this game, it has some improvements in the difficulty level and a new DLC.

Anyway difficult continues being very big for me and I have added several cheats modding the game a  bit. First I have created a MG gun with a very big price, MG can be found easily and you can sell it winning a lot of credits. For me the credits won with the normal missions are too low, even the credits won with the campaign are low. Yes you can win more selling stuff but at the end, you need part of this stuff and buy/sell/repair, probably most of the screens, they require a lot of clicks, too clicks, too time lost, it is not a fast game, it is very deep and you can be preparing your mech warriors for hours. For a man like me with few time playing, it is not very fun.  By this reason, I added these cheats. The other cheat can not be seen in the video, it is a PPC weapon without weight or heat and with 50×3 damage. Not too powerful but a bit more powerful.

Even with these cheats the game is not too easy and it is very fun for me. In addition I learn new things and my mind think in new improvements in my mods. By example the light flash effect added lately in my FOC mods, the main idea was from here and next from the Emperor Battle for Dune, the second has a flash effect in explosions and I thought when I saw it, if it could be made in an older game than EAW, it should be able made in EAW. Next looking how it was added in both games, I thought how it could be added as a sphere with a contrast against all the other things in game. At the end, the effect is very good. By a moment I thought if it was a new thing added in shaders but not really, in the next video from Battletech after this, you will see clearly how it is not more than a sphere. A great addition.

About this video, I play at 1080p with high detail customized. The game runs good, smooth, playing it with a 5.1 speakers is more fun, I like the missions and campaign, all the Battletech universe is very fun. Just I had liked perhaps more detail in the terrain. The objects are all very good but the main terrain is poor, very poor,  the textures from terrain are very simple, the dirt, grass and other things are inexistent. Just rocky terrain parts are good perhaps. At the same time, all the tone colors are very……how to say at english, they are as taken from a cake, too fantastic, few realistic, but very fun.

Well, I hope they continue the game with more DLC each year or versions with new campaigns. For me this was the best game launched at 2018.

Another recording showing one game playing Battletech. Very fun game, a bit long playing with the many options but very fun. At this battle you can see clearly the similarity between the light effects in a night map from Battletech and the new light effects added in my FOC Alliance mod. It is just a sphere adding a flash effect.

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