Close Combat The Bloody First – Preview with Agrippa Maxentius

Close Combat The Bloody First – Preview with Agrippa Maxentius

While we wait the release (just one day more). You can watch one preview posted few time ago. If you are new to the game, I explain you a bit about it. It shows the begining of the campaign in Tunisia. The grand campaign lets you to play at Tunisia, Sicily and Normandy following 1st Infantry Division company.

You can play with Germans (sometimes you should see Italians if you play with the Axis) the grand campaign but your progress will not be saved and it will be more a defense campaign. With the USA side, your progress will be save and you will receive better troops and other things depending from your success and strategy.

Anyway, the grand campaign, smaller campaigns and operations, they are very linear. Similar to the Close Combat II and III.

You can play single battles, create your own customized battles or play multiplayer. According to the developers, the game lets to play cooperative multiplayer, it can be two players playing as USA against the German side controlled by the AI.

As other Close Combat game, you control teams of soldiers, vehicles, guns in a battlefield at real time but this time, you can pause the game and give orders to your troops. It is not as a normal RTS, your troops suffer the battle as normal humans, the moral is very important. Damage of weapons, amount of bullets, all these things are very realistic. One bullet can kill a soldier. These are the main differences with other RTS.

Realism is the key because players like Close Combat games compared to other RTS.

Comparing to previous CC games, the biggest change is the 3D, previous CC games were at 2D and mostly all used the same engine. Now the engine was changed and we wait different graphics, better AI, better vehicle and troops movement and more new features.

Now just we wait one day more!

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