New Game Incursion – Conan Unconquered review

Conan Unconquered review

Probably you will be surprised by this review coming from me, because usually I am more a man from games with bullets or lasers. But I am a fan from RTS, from the Petroglyph work and I could not avoid to play it a bit and to show it to the public.

This game is the king of the strange games in a universe where usually the blood is removed, probably trying to get more players from younger ages. I do not lie, if you do not like blood, you will not like this game because it has a lot of blood.

About the game itself, it looks good, the learning curve is not high if you have played other RTS. It follows the basics from to get resources, build your army and attack.

Probably by this reason, more far from be ambiented in the Conan universe, but a bit crazy with all these scorpions and other creatures, it had not too success. My point is how if you ignore the universe, the gattering of resources, the build of your army and research, they are not new points in the RTS.

Even the wave attacks of enemies are not new. It can remembers to Starcraft II where you can find missions from this same style.

But the amount of blood, the screamings and more can make the game different and very fun.

However, I can not forget to remember you how Petroglyph would get more success if they would make a Star Wars Empire at War 2, perhaps ambiented in the last trilogy or at least remake from the first title. Lately, they are making a remake from the original Command & Conquer and probably it will be a complete success in sales. Cross your fingers because if they can make win real money to EA, there will be more chances from to see a new Star Wars RTS title from Petroglyph.

The previous words were written after to play the battle recorded in this video but do not lose my thoughts after the second video.


After the second try playing the game, I won the first battle and I started the second. As you can see the game has not a campaign where you must complete some objectives as the EAW campaign by example or Grey Goo. Here, just you build your army and you wait different waves of enemies, each of them more difficult. I am not saying how the game is not fun, just I say how it can be considered a bit repetitive without too many changes.

At the end, I needed leave the game but my personal thought was……”too repetitive without any objective more far than survive”.

If you are finding a game ambiented in a different universe, a RTS, with a lot of blood, this is your game. You can find it at Steam with a cheap price.

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