What am I watching this week?

What am I watching this week?

Another week, new films and tv series to be watched.

I have been continuing watching Star Trek Deep Space Nine. For me, it is a review from this old TV serie watched in Netflix. This week I was watching the first episodes from season 6, probably the best from all the serie because by first time, we can watch a Star Trek battle with thousands of ships in episodes as Sacrifice of Angels https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0708595/?ref_=ttep_ep6

It is a recording from part of the battle. You will not watch nothing like in other TV serie, these super battles are part from ST DS9. Star Trek Enterprise season 3 and 4 has some big space battles but the TNG essence from DS9 is awesome.

Yesterday, I was watching “In the Shadow of the Moon” , it is a film published by Netflix. Not bad, it has not a story too new but you can enjoy it. It is a very correct film where we can see actors as Michael C. Hall (more known by Dexter) or Boyd Holbrook (the last Predator film or Logan).

As I said, it is nothing impressive but it is good for to be watched after the dinner. Probably you will not sleep and it is not too long, 150 minutes more or less.

Now remembering, when I discovered this film few days ago, I read a review from someboddy who he clearly have not watched the film and just he read something about time travel and fights in the street ending the thinking in Terminator. 😆 The story is not new but the relation with Terminator is zero point zero, just because it adds time travel, it is not anything like that. Twelve Monkeys would be more similar, a lot more but without all the dark part from it.

Nothing new, there are many people making reviews without watch the films or series, just they text from others. This is not my style. 😎 Just I can use some images or videos, nothing more.


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