Best TV series from the 2019 Q3, Q2, & Q1 (no spoilers)

Best TV series from the 2019 Q3, Q2, & Q1 (no spoilers)

In the past, the summer was the date where less or worse TV series were published. These last years with the incoming from the Streaming productions, the summer has been started to be used for to publish some good series.

Of course as always, there will be a lot of series which other people will like but I go to speak from some of the new TV series published the past Q3, Q2 & Q1 which I liked.

From Amazon Primer Video, The Boys. This new tv serie is very good, very fun, similar to the original comics (yes I have read them) but enough different to be good. Always we think how the adaptations should be equal to the originals but if they were equal, they would be failure by several reasons. The key is get some similar but good. Not all the producers/directors can get it.

The Boys has black humor, blood, violence but fun, crazy things at few words. The characters are the part more similar to the original comics, by names and how they look. Just Hugie was made different. Curiously in the film, we can see Simon Pegg who he was very similar to the Hugie from the comic making another character. You will be surprised by this.

Other actors, Karl Urban or Antony Starr are great. The first is good in any role and the second is perfect for his role in the serie.

By this reason, The Boys is probably the best new tv serie from the past months. Just I do not like one point, it was released all from one time, the 8 episodes at the same time is crazy, it is a bad idea from Streaming, you can imagine how I watched all them in a weekend…..a bit crazy. I had prefered the usual and old one week, one episode used many times before in all tv series.

From HBO, Chernobyl. Probably Russian people will not be happy with this serie, at least the proud Russians which they can live with lies. At point, today, before the serie, we knew how everything were even worse in Chernobyl than it was showed in this short tv serie. By this reason, to start a discussion about if it is realistic or no, it would be one thing which I do not see the point.

The point here is if you can enjoy from your free time watching Chernobyl and if you like catastrophist stories, you will like it.

From Netflix Star Trek Discovery season 2. The first season was good but it was bad with the Star Trek universe. Specially because it showed big changes in races as the Klingon. But at the end, all the story was highly critized, even more than the last Star Trek films. By this reason, the season 2 comes to fix the bad additions from season 1.

I find very curious compared to Star Wars films the changes from the creators and how they have ended ambienting the story in for the season 3 in a place where they can not damage too much the Star Trek universe. Anyway, enjoy the season 2 version because I do not see this serie being emited more far from the season 3.

About what it is great in Star Trek Discovery. Clearly the ambient. Comparing to other ST series, they have recreated the ambient from a universe set in our future in a way very realistic because there are not stupid plastic boards, everything are running, screens, lights and more, much more inside the ships and around it. It is better even than the last Star Trek films. The story is good or correct but the ambient is amazing. Clearly the best.

From Netflix, Another Life. A interesting film this summer. It deserves be watched, it is not the best from the list, I can not hide how the end is crazy and there are parts from the story which they can be considered very bad. But you can enjoy it.

From Netflix. Nightflyers. Usually I do not like terror TV series but if they are from space……I see them. Anyway, the terror in this serie is not too much, it can be considered light terror. :mrgreen:

Again as Another Life, a good starting with a bad ending. The ends of seasons, stories, series, films, many times are bad. I have a theory. I believe how many times the endings are bad when the developers does not go to get any profit from it than a end, they do not put too efforts in what they are making really.

But you can watch it and when you watch the first episode, you will need to watch all the others. 😉




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