New Game Incursion – Close Combat Wacht am Rhein

(I am recovering some good all post from my previous web site)

Another good thread to be rescued from the old forum. Even I have added a new recording and content as with all these old post.

Lately somebody remembered me this old game and because I was a bit bored, I had a idea, why can I not to start a new campaign playing with Germans and my Vetbob mod made with the old CC4 TT’s stuff several years ago. I made this mod for the Close Combat Wacht am Rhein when the game was released.

My Vetbob is not a realistic mod, I added a lot of additional new units but it is very fun. About how I play, other people perhaps had played at hero settings against a AI with recruit settings, I had not liked it. I want play with all type of units, without retrictions. Instead of limit them, I set a 15 minutes battle and battle ends when force morales down. These two settings avoid to win maps easily because you have not time. It balances games a lot.

Other good point at comparation when the game was released, it is how the AI was improved with the time and even if one human player who he has played a lot of multiplayer games can find to play against the AI very easy, as I suffered it when the game was released. Now, I have not played a multiplayer game for years and I find the AI very fun. At few words, even if it is imperfect, I can lose battles and I enjoy it because it adds a good level of challenge.

Close Combat Wacht am Rhein is the re-make from the Close Combat IV published by Matrixgames years ago. You can find it in the Matrixgames or Slitherine websites. Just for the record, at modern computers, you must activate the play windowed option or you will not be able to play the game. It is the unique problem playing the modern windows.

Time to continue this campaign, a very fun campaign. While I wait to finish other work with my FOC Alliance mod. I play this old game. Exactly, I am continuing the previously started campaign in this thread.

It is a campaign started with the Close Combat Wacht am Rhein Ardennes Offensive Veteran 1.1 mod released by me years ago. I have not played the old CC in many time and I needed some of knowledge.

Playing it, I was remembering how many things I have made for the Close Combat games and how bad was the AI before. If you find it bad, you can not imagine how worse was before. The developers have been upgrading these games for years and the AI is now as you can watch in the video, a bit kamikaze but it does not ignore you. In the older versions, the AI had not any movement, it was waiting you and nothing more.

While I wait the next Close Combat Bloody First, I can enjoy my time playing it. However, very probably the CC TBF will be released before I finish this campaign, this campaigns take a lot of time with thousands of battles. Thanks to the gods, the TBF has not strategic map and it looks more as a CC3 with a linear campaign, I like it more, it is more fast and fun. The idea from a strategic map centered you in a small zone where you must repeat many times the same battles. People defending this system have not finish a campaign in all their lives. At the end, It is a bored system. 🙁

Time to continue the Close Combat Wacht am Rhein Ardennes Offensive Veteran 1.1. I go to see if I finish it this year. 🙂

The continuation soon!

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