Star Wars FOC Alliance Rebellion-RB Rebels GC-Finishing-Parts 80, 81, 82 & 83

More playing the Rebellion GC with Rebels from my Alliance mod for the Star Wars Empire at War Steam edition.  Sometimes people ask me about because this mod is only for the EAW Steam. These videos showing how I could get almost all the Galaxy building thousands of units are the answer, GOG, Gold & 2DVD versions had crashed the GC many time before I had reached a 10% from all the weeks playing.
I recomend you check my web site if you want know about the future additions because I post in the forum the complete updates.
I remember you how this GC was started several time ago and somethings as the filters, some ground death animations and more can show errors when really they are correct.
●All the progress about the mod►
●Download the mod in EAW Steam Workshop►

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