New game incursion – Company of Heroes 1

New game incursion – Company of Heroes 1

(I am recovering some good all post from my previous web site)

Never is a bad time to remember this old game. Company of Heroes 1 was released at 2006, a year where we start to see several RTS as EAW at 3D with good gameplay. It is old but it does not look bad in a modern computer.

In the next video, probably I will play the company heroes 2, I have it and you will be able compare the 1 vs the 2 with a lot of features updated. This weekend the Sega publisher and the strategy Humble Bundle where you could buy a $1 Ashes of Singularity Escalation or a cheap Stellaris were clearly very good sales 😉

As other times, the video adds subtitles with part of the description.

(This part was posted by Vionix in the old forum)

The Company of Heroes series are excellent games with some really great mods. If you are looking for some here are some recommendations:

Company of Heroes 1:

1.) Europe at War – Adds many new units, maps and fronts such as Africa, Italy, Battle of the Bulge, Rhine, etc. Many great features such as expanded commander trees and unit abilities.

2.) Blitzkrieg – Also adds many new units and maps. Has many good features similar to Europe at War.

Company of Heroes 2:

1.) All Units (172) Added – Adds all locked, special, doctrine-restricted to your build menu allowing you to build every unit available per faction. Also adds new features including some from COH 1.

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