The non release from ABBA Bios for previous chipsets is a fraud

With the amount of AMD sales from the past months, probably you are a owner from a Zen2 or you go to be one in a non too far future. Now you should know how AMD and the mainboard manufacturers are running a fraud strategy with the promise of maintain the compability with the older Zen chipsets.
The point is how they have released weeks ago, more of 3 weeks ago a new bios with the Agesa ABBA fixing a problem with maximun boost reached from the Zen2 CPU. But……they released the bios only in the lastest chipsets X570 and most of these manufacturers have not released new bios for the older chipsets which with lucky, they continue running with the Agesa ABB and the maximun boost limited.
Depending from your CPU, max boost with the ABB is bigger or lower, the 3900X only lost 25mhz+-, a 3700X 50mhz+- and a 3600X 125mhz +-.
But this problem was clearly fixed by AMD with the ABBA and now the manufacturers are delaying the release for the older Zen chipsets trying sell more X570 as if they were better with the best bios and speeds. It is a fraud!
I am the owner from a X470 Taichi with a Ryzen 5 3600X and I am very unhappy with Asrock and AMD because there is a new bios with the Agesa ABBA but most of the mainboard manufacturers have not released it for the older chipsets than X570. Clearly it is a maneuver trying sell more X570 mainboards. It is a fraud for the owners from the previous chipsets!
This delay has not justification, we are your loyal customers and we do not deserve this.
I am tired of this and I go to report it where I can. This is intolerable. 

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