Star Wars FOC Alliance Rebellion-New Kalaan-Part 87

Star Wars FOC Alliance Rebellion-New Kalaan-Part 87

This is the final video from this GC. A long recording against a weaker Empire finishing the GC. It has been a long way but it was fun. This is the reason because the EAW Steam is the best version of the game, because you can finish a GC. In addition the FOC Alliance savegames load/create faster with the same amount of planets/factions than any other mod in the world. It is very helpful.

The last additions are a Kalaan world more as the planet after the Empire invasion. Pooluted. But it is not the unique additions, I have made this big planets bigger with the size from the Gas Giant seen in Yavin or Mustafar, it makes the battle a bit different. I will add other changes in space maps. It is a matter of time. Of course, you can continue watching the last damage effects and more.

Now I must think what I go to continue playing. I would like continue the work in the Grand Campaign and perhaps to play other thing at the same time.

●All the progress about the mod►
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