Close Combat The Bloody First – Review III

Time to speak about the 3D camera, the key options for it and at few words about the view positions. This is probably the most important part from the game.

The 3D view lets you change the zoom, rotate the camera and select three different height angles, a down angle, a higher angle very similar to the classic isometric seen in many games and the top down view seen in the older Close Combat games.

Personally the best is the second angle, you can choose it with the key L in your keyboard. I prefer this view because easily you can recognize the elevations and it is similar to many other games.

The Top view is not so good if you have other better options. In addition with the key K in your keyboard, you can choose a very high view where you can see all your teams in all the map. It is very useful deploying your teams or taking a higher perspective from the terrain.

The rotation from the 3D camera is another great addition, at most of the games, there is not this feature or it is restricted. Here the change of view is good addition, specially when there is a combat.

Personally I do not use it too much by one reason, it is selected with the left/right arrow keys in the keyboard. In other games, not all, it is changed with the mouse. But well, I can easily configurate any button in my Logitech G603 and problem resolved. Anyway, at this moment I use the two additional left buttons with macro simulating the wheel, this feature gives me a very fast zoom, very useful.

About more keys, the game uses the classic key V with the fire command, the S for sneak, N with defend, M with ambush, it is exactly as the older games.

More about keys and other special features soon.

Remember, I am playing with a customized zoom, you can download it at my web site.

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