Super Heavy Walkers vs Black Sun – Star Wars Empire at War FOC Rebellion

Super Heavy Walkers vs Black Sun – Star Wars Empire at War FOC Rebellion

Playing the Dark Saber GC where the tech levels are all them unlocked because it is an advanced time line from the older Star Wars UE. You can fight battles against the most powerful units from the enemy.

One of these powerful units is the Super Heavy Walker. This “thing” can be builded as a single expensive unit or you can build a level 5 ground commander who he uses this walker as a command vehicle. Armed with the best armor and several heavy laser weapons, the Super Heavy Walker can crush all your defenses.

Before you watched battles where I could defend me from older units with the default units but now, I go to need to build my additional special ground units. However, the beginings in this mod are difficult. It is the fun from the mod. Instead of a period of grave where you can get better defenses and at the end be bored because you can win all the battles, the main idea is an enemy attacking you when you are weaker.

In the battle from the video, you can watch a IA which it does not save a single unit, it launchs everything. In addition, the ground commander deploys all his forces and it has a additional unit which it can call orbital strikes. Another challenge.

Looking this, the default defense units are not enough, perhaps if I had attacked the ground commander in the begining with everything……….but even if I had destroyed the additional commander in the HAV launching the orbital strikes, I had destroyed the Super Heavy Walker easily.

In the forum, I speak about progress, new additions and what is next.

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