Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker final trailer – what piece of mess!

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker final trailer – what piece of mess!

J.J. Abrams has show us a final trailer which it could be great but it lets you a bad feeling with several stupid scenes. For me this man is overrated and very probably he gets very good contracts only because he has created a production company (Bad Robot). For me, he is not a good director. He and Kathleen Kennedy have destroyed the Star Wars UE. But he tried to destroy Star Trek universe, fortunately, the power of fans is bigger in the Star Trek universe and it looks as if all his creations were forgotten for good.

The unique very good for me from the final episode, it was forgot to these two guys. I do not want see more of them involve with the Star Wars universe. They were as a big cancer.

But well, what is done, it is done. I go to tell you what I find very bad in a trailer which it could be very good. First watch it.

The trailer show us very good scenes, battles, combat, objects, everything from Star Wars and it could be great if it would not show some one very stupid thing. I speak from a bunch of alien horsemen over the hull of at ISD. It is the most stupid scene seen in the world of a film for years.

What the fuck! I can imagine how they are used in the battle because the target systems fromt the ISD would not target living horses. Why? because it was very stupid. Nobody would wait nothing like this and it kills all the scene. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I hate this………! what piece of shit!

Next the inflated scene from the last moment. It shows a very large group of ships, without any formation. It looks as something added in the last minute as if JJ had added ships covering a empty space.

These are the three bad scenes from the trailer. But there are more, the remains from the Death Star 2, if it is the DS2 at Endor. It kills many things seen in the Return of the Jedi. If something so big had crashed in the surface of the Endor’s moon. Probably the Rebel Alliance winners had not celebrating the victory with the Ewoks. They would be evacuating the planet………but well, many people have been discussing this in the net this year. It is stupid, very stupid and it kills things even from the original films, not the shit from JJ and Rian Johnson.

The Catamaran made with remains from a X-wing is not a bad addition but if it was a thing from the Ewoks……why is it looking as if it has the engines online? another stupid thing? a Ewok running a engine……in water……more stupid things.

For end, I can imagine how after this trilogy, the casting from the film will be remembered as one of the worse from Star Wars films. Because while John Boyega and Oscar Isaac are very good. Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver never were very good. But probably there were not a long list of good actors waiting to interpret these characters. But for me, it is the smallest bad thing from the last trilogy. However, I watch Rogue One and I watch this trilogy and I think………Rogue One was perfect in everything, the casting was 100% perfect but this trilogy is a piece of shit after another. Just some people which they do not know nothing about Star Wars trying to win a lot of money with this. Even the Mandalorian looks better and it is a tv serie with a main character which it is a remake from Boba Fett. I will speak another day about him……soon.

Well, we will wait the film, probably I will watch it, I will try be invited by somebody because if I must put my money in this………I will be unhappy….. :mrgreen: 

Be free from share your thoughts and the force be with you and wait watch the dark side of the Star Wars universe at December. 😉

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