Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Final Trailer – Review

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Review

After to watch the trailer and to start to be crazy with the alien horses. Nothing better than a complete review. Some places divide it by shots, by example

I do see it too interesting because just there are some very important parts really.

Say bye bye to the old locations. If anybody were waiting the return from planets as Coruscant, Tatooine, Endor, they can say goodbye because it looks as if Disney does not want to pay more royalties to George Lucas.

These days, we discovered another stupid thing, the Death Star 2 debris are in a moon named Kef Bir. I find it stupid because the DS2 was in orbit of Endor and even in 30 years, it could not reach another system, it is more than impossible, of course, it is SW but…… looks as a “I do not want pay more” from Disney.

Now we can think……… where are the debris from the Death Star 1? :mrgreen:

There are rumors about how Tatooine is in the film but I do not believe it. If I do not see any official, in fact, the desert planet in trailer is named Pasaana. Another bad thing from JJ. Why is this bad? because it looks as a clone from Tatooine as if Disney did not want use the older planets because it has not the rights about them.

Now, say hello to Kef Bir (I do not like the Disney names really).

Looking how old looks Lando in the film and really, it happens because Billy Dee Williams is old, he is 82 more or less and personally, he is a good addition and he deserves it. But if he goes to fly the Millenium Falcon in the battle finale…….. I am not sure if the character will end the film alive. 🙂 And clearly not the Millenium Falcon. But we are not sure about it, it would be the most logic course of action.

The scene from the huge rebel fleet looks me as if JJ had inflated the scene seen in the previous trailer.

It was the previous D23 trailer scene.

But I go to be honest. Perhaps the scene was incomplete or it is other thing. My point is how this scene was not shared with the last trailer.

Other curious thing is how in the older trailer, the ISD fleet looked as if it was inside a Nebula.

Of course, I was wrong, it was inside a strange planet or ice asteroid.

This image from this strange location and the confirmation about how these new ISD add perhaps a superlaser, they are some of the most important things in the trailer for me.

Other point. Do you remember this part from the D23 trailer? it looks as ice. A ISD firing in the ice, trying exit the ice, perhaps?

First I thought if it was the Onager. But the Onager was probably firing in Pasaana. If you want to know, there are many chances that I add this ship in the FOC Alliance. In time.

With exception from this other image which it can confirm us the return from Palpatine, probably assisted by a machine conserving his life. All the other images from trailer are not too relevant in the last trailer. At least if in theory, he is Palpatine. Without to see his face……it is not 100% true.

Small review but enough. Just a few of words more. At my opinion, the main plot from the film is spinning around three factions, the Resistance, the First Order and the Palpatine’s forces. The last two would be fighting by the power, the FO commanded by Kylo against the Sith forces from Palpatine. The Resistance would be in the middle receiving punchs from everybody.

I can imagine how the future from SW will be each time less and less things developed by George Lucas because they want to create their own stuff and do not pay more to him. Is it bad? not really. Probably if they are not linked to the old stuff, they can make better stuff. But…….if they try re-create the universe……..people will not like it. At my opinion, I would be happier if Disney does not make more trilogies and it makes more single story films as Rogue One. They have many options for it. Better than to start a trilogy with unknown story.

Anyway, I go to continue working with the old UE. Of course, I will add stuff from the new canon but I go to mix it with the older. When the last trilogy ends. Perhaps I will add a part in the Star Wars FOC Alliance Rebellion campaign with this part of the story mixed with the other.

For end, another curious thing is how long would be the film. 2:35 or more. 2 hours is enough for a film, 35 minutes more……….it can be more a streaming/DVD version but in a cinema…….it is too long………or you piss in a bottle or you will need to to the bathroom 🙄 :mrgreen: ……I do not like these long films…..


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