Star Wars – TIE Fighter (1998) Campaign 7 – Mission 1, 2, 3 & 4

Star Wars – TIE Fighter (1998) Campaign 7 – Mission 1, 2, 3 & 4

The campaign 7 is the point where the game starts to be better, the initial campaigns are from the early part of the game were it was more simple, after this campaign, the additional parts from the TIE Fighter begings and we start to see battles more complex with more enemies, different ships and more. A

At this campaign, you start fighting about the remains from the Admiral Harkov fleet and you end the campaign discovering the plot from the Admiral Zaarin against the Emperor. This Admiral is very present in the TIE Fighter game and the Xwing Alliance game. He is a military researcher from the Empire, very similar at some ways to Thrawn making plans inside another plans.

Playing this game, one can not be happy thinking how Lucasarts before and now Disney have ignored this type of simulators. Well, really they have ignored most of the game types with exception from the action games. It is a stupid attitude because when they have made these games, they have sold a lot of copies. 🙄 At least we can continue playing the old games. 🙂

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