Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – X-1 Viper “Automadon”

If one thing differences to the FOC Alliance from everything in the world, it is the ground combat because it is more complex than the original game and because it adds thousands of different units from the Star Wars universe, more than ever showed in other game or mod.

Before the ground combat was very good in Galactic Mode but now I have improved it a bit. The use from heroes by the AI and the amounts have increased. In a Galactic Conquest as the Dark Saber where there are not tech limits, the default defense units spawned by the buildings can not be enough, the enemy can attack you with very powerful units as the X1 Viper or the droids seen in the original Force Unleashed games. I am not a big player from this old game from Lucasarts but at my opinion, it had a good story and it added a lot of new different units in the UE. My mod has most of them, the AT-MP, the Droidship, all the Droids, Dark Troopers and more.

Now, as you can see, defend a base in a ground combat is a very funny challenge.

For your information, lately, I have set a bit more the Reshade effect. Reducing addition of brightness added by the effect.

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