Terminator: Dark Fate – Good or bad film?(No Spoilers)

Terminator: Dark Fate – Good or bad film?(No Spoilers)

Well, the first step in a good critic from a film like this, it should be to think what you would wait to watch in it. The Terminator 2, compared with the other films as much better was a film full of action, a bit of deep story about the characters, a good story about all and all mixed in good order. These films are not big dramas, there are not long chat between characters and just it must add from time in time a joke.

Terminator Dark Fate has all this. Jokes from time to time, some of chat, a few amount of drama and a lot of action. In addition the old return to the past or future from some of characters in way of memories.

But for me personally Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Terminator Salvation and Terminator Genisys were not very bad. Terminator 3 and Genisys are worse by the poor choice of actors, this was the main problem with these films. Terminator 3 even it is not too serius and it adds too many jokes trying show us a action film as a funny film. But it degrades the main characters from Terminator 2. But the main story is not worse than Terminator 2. The main story from this films is not very deep.

Terminator Salvation had very good actors and at my opinion, it was a good film. Why has it fail? probably because it tried to be a big drama about the future with very few jokes. Again if T3 and T5 added too many jokes, T4 had not any joke. At least nothing good. And the action was not too good, in fact, it has not too many action because most of the action are misadventures from the main characters.

Now Dark Fate, T6. I have read some critics about people which they say how they have watched the film. Truly? No, they have not watched it or they were sleeping most of the time. I had read some about how the film had too many CGI and the work from Tim Miller (the director) was very bad.

For me the CGI would not be bad. But…….the 99% from scenes are filmed in real scenarios. Yes, there are CGI mixed in the way of objects, the Terminator or more but you can not compare it to films as Avengers Endgame where all the world is CGI. First error from some critics.

Tim Miller is bad? not really, he is good and the action scenes are perfect, the small jokes, the story itself, everything are well showed to the viewers.

Perhaps I can sound too positive but I like this universe. What are the bad points? I do not like the change of name from Skynet to Legion. The change of name is not a bad idea itself. But name it Legion…….it was too poor and it was very used the past years in films and tv series. I do not like it. But the change of story between the T2 events and T6 events is very well showed. Perhaps in the begining of the film, in a very early moment of the film, you do not like the change. But when you watch all the film, you understand better everything, trust me, they have not left parts without explanation.

What about the actors? very good.

Mackenzie Davis acting as Grace, a strange girl. In a first moment, I thought if she would look too many as a man being a girl. But truly, she is a soldier in the film trying leave from a tragic live.

Natalia Reyes as Dani Ramos does not look in this film as the younger Sarah Connor from T5. She is a realistic Mexican woman entering in the Terminator action/drama.

Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor acting as a older woman than in the real live. She looks impressive because she is the “kick ass” from the film. But sometimes she looks too old.

Schwarzenegger as always.

Gabriel Luna as the Terminator. Creepy. He can be the more dangerous Terminator from all films. He makes new things and he looks very human. He is better than other Terminators because he can be funny at comparation to the others which they were too serious.

As a bad point, Terminator films, all them tried to show each time more dangerous enemy in the form of these machines. Making the chance of victory by the human part too very difficult. I do not like it. The Terminator from T1 was a machine and the humans could crush it. Here……..each film is more difficult.

I do not want tell you more about it, just you should watch the film.

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