Terminator Dark Fate – Why is it falling in the box office?

Terminator Dark Fate – Why is it falling in the box office?

Personally, I believe how the film is good, better than others because the casting is better than T3. Probably not better than T4 and sure than it is better than T6. But Cameron and Tim Miller have a lack in their minds and they should have watched all the films.

If they had watched all them, perhaps they had got a better conclusion. Perhaps even Tom Miller had a better idea because lately, we have seen Cameron saying how the mounting from the film was a blood bath.

Tom Miller wanted a longer film and Cameron a smaller film. I would like to watch it in the DVD release as the Director’s mount.

But…..what is the problem with the franchise? even if they paint the story from different ways, with exception from Terminator Salvation – T4, all the times the story is equal. A Terminator send from the future to kill somebody from the past and always with a big disavantage. It is the problem, it happens in many films, always setting the main characters in stupid disavantages.

What had happened if by one time the defender from the future had been capable from to kill the Terminator?

At my opinion, the story should be this. Grace, a aumented woman send from the future by the Resistance killing the Terminators without problems and only being supered by the amount of them. Imagine Skynet sending the Terminators in different moments of the time line showed in the film, it can be days where they follow a path trying save themselves with any miracle, destroying some tech used in the future, trying to change the future.

If you want to know, I do not like the rename from Skynet to Legion. It is a poor name used several times in several films and tv series. It is a very basic name and it takes out the essence from the story.

It had been a good plot. Because I believe how viewers are tired from very powerful enemies. T4 had a bit of these, the Resistance was in the limit against Skynet. The trap set by Skynet to the Resistance was new inside this universe Unfortunately, the future from Terminator was not continued, it was one of the problems. The lack of continuation between films. At least Cameron has got this with T6.


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