Star Wars The Mandalorian – The Boba Fett remake

Star Wars The Mandalorian – The Boba Fett remake

Probably many people ignore this but few time ago, Disney wanted to create a film from Boba Fett and after Han Solo film, they canceled it.

However, I believe how there is a strange and hidden story around some events relationated with this. First Han Solo film changed of director several times without no reason.

Second, Boba Fett and all films about single characters were canceled.

Third. We discovered how Disney must pay to George Lucas by to use some characters. Clearly Disney has not all the rights about Star Wars copyrights. Probably by this reason, they have not used the UE.

Fourth, few days ago, we discovered how George Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney thinking how they would follow a story written by him for the next trilogy. It happened by one good reason, probably you did not know about it but even if George Lucas wanted to create a new trilogy, he had problems publishing it around the world. The relation between him and the publishers was not good. By this reason, he ended selling Star Wars or at least a part of it as we know now.

Now we know how when George Lucas discovered the last trilogy plans from Disney, he was very disturbed with Disney because he was fully ignored with his story and recomendations. Discovering these things make me think about if George Lucas put troubles to the publish from Han Solo and another films. Very probably.

Remember how in the time of Han Solo Kathleen Kennedy rumors told about her expulsed from the SW proyects. Probably she was the first guilty in this treason to George Lucas. But clearly it was not fully expulsed. So sad, it had been good for the Star Wars fans. She was the killer of the old UE at first place.

Now, what they have made, instead from to pay to George Lucas by a Boba Fett film. They have made a new anti-hero named the Mandalorian who he looks very close to Boba Fett. He looks as a big joke for George Lucas work and the fans.

And looking the trailer, it will change a lot of things from films. By example, the Carbonite freezing was some new and exclusive from Han Solo in the Episode V. It was not a common process from bounty hunters. It will be probably one between thousands of small things changed by the TV serie as they like. A shame.


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