Star Wars -The Mandalorian first episode opinion

Star Wars -The Mandalorian first episode opinion

I have watched the first episode and I must say how I found it poor. All the episode can be considered worthy from a poor serie.

In essence the Mandalorian adds a very small detail about the Star Wars universe from the eyes of a bounty hunter. Some people compared it as a western. Spaghetti western probably.

The Star Wars ambient is good but very small. But it is the unique good thing from the film.

Bad things. The lack of comments not only from the main character. Everybody in the episode do not say too many words and if you can not show a story with a lot of detailed scenes, you should add more comments. But the serie have not more of ten lines of comments, some of them even repeated.

Jokes. There are some of them, but I would consider them bad. They are stupid situations.

I can imagine how people applause it because or they do not know anything more or there are not any other Star Wars serie from TV with exception from the cartoon series.

But I have watched most of the scifi TV series created ever and many which they are not from scifi. I can compare with other things and The Mandalorian looks as a short poor story.

Some people can say, “The Mandalorian is expensive” and I say “where?” because when I compare it with series as The Expanse or the very old Babylon 5. I do not see any expensive here. But the bad point from the Mandalorian is not the lack of detail, it is correct for a short episode. The bad point is the lack of comments and story.

At some way, it remembers me to the last trilogy with lack of story and the stupid situations. The hands of Disney crap everything.

I will continue watching it but I do not wait a miracle.

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