Battlestar Galactica Deadlock – Campaign – Part I

Yesterday I bought the last DLC from this great game and I intent to play all, all the game + DLC starting by the first campaign published. I have not played it for some time ago but I was part from the players which they played the game in the alpha stage when it had not a name and it was in the beginings. This is one of the greatest games in the world the last years and one of the best published by Slitherine.

Why do I consider it so good? because it is unique and tremendously realistic according to the universe represented. While the game can not be edited at 100% as all the Unity3D games, it does not require it because the game has a very good gameplay, performance and develop.

Of course, it would be perfect a game like this from the Star Wars universe but…….what I can say, it is not possible by the moment and clearly it will not be possible in the future. I hope Disney takes some advice if they would read it (probably the Disney CEO does not read anything from fans). But they should make a new strategy game and clearly some like this would be great.

Centering my words in BSG Deadlock. The game has changed a bit after several patches and DLC. There are new features as the chat from Viper pilots, the main menu background and more, I will be discovering all these things with each battle and I hope record on video all them, at least the campaign missions because inside the campaign there are other battles where you can get points used upgrading your commanders and building ships. The game has a very good tactical component but it adds a considerable amount of strategy features starting by the strategy map and several screens where you can control your units.


Well, time to start the first real mission. I activated the tutorial but……..really I should not use it, it is an obstacle……

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