Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Give me more meat!

Yes, with this title not suitable for vegetarians I start this new post. :mrgreen: Because the point is how after many development, I could restore again the bigger attacks from the AI.

For this testing, I have created a test GC where I start with many planets, many defenses and tech 5 against the AI with just one planet and in tech level 1. With this special GC, I can test if the AI conquers the neutral planets and attacks me even if my planets have a lot of defenses and the maximun starbase level.

Because the AI starts in tech level 1, by the moment its units are from a early stage. When it starts to build more advanced units, the attacks will be more dangerous.

Now I will continue playing some more weeks, I want see what happen if the AI increases really the tech level. It can be interesting. In theory, there was a Black Sun faction actived but……perhaps it was eaten by the Imperial AI. This type of start where the human player has advantage in the amount of planets is a bit bad for start with more of two factions.

Anyway, I will try sooner or later to start the GC with all the factions active. It can be a wild effect, specially by the Legacy factions which they have units in the begining much more powerful than the other factions. It can be considered the biggest challenge.

Perhaps I will save this style of GC for future updates, I find it funny. Just I must make it a bit different starting with other factions, different planets in the start.

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