What am I watching this week?

Again speaking about some good things which you can find in the Streaming channels. November always come with new good seasons from series started before or some new series.

The Man in the High Castle season 4.

This year the strange and provocative, probably offensive, because some people can consider how it makes apology from the Nazi Germany, this serie from Amazon reach to the end.

When it was published four years ago, I did not watch it. This serie was a bit bored with a constant lack of action and slow advance in the fantastic story about to travel between different universes. But the past year, I watched the three seasons and even if it had several bored episodes. The main goal from all the story, defeat the Nazis and Japanese Empire was interesting. At the end, I have read several comics where the WWII was longer or the Allied lost at first placed. And I have made several mods named 1946 for the Close Combat games.

The season 4 is almost very good. It ends all the stories started by all the characters in the serie. Just the end is a bit short and I do not like it. It is the bad part from all the season, the ends in a tv serie few times are good.

The best part from season 4? John Smith telling to Himmler how he was really. Smith in all the season 4, he looked as a big sociopath. A man who he has not problems killing people and he has a lack of comments. But this part from the season is very very fun.

Jack Ryan season 2.

The season 2 arrived. I watched before again the season 1 because I did not remember too much.

This new season is very good and it centers the action in Venezuela against a govern with a president named Nicolas. Very funny. As a curious thing, most of the season is filmed in Colombia and it looks very similar as Venezuela.

Good things from the last season. A lot more of action.

Bad things. Jack Ryan is not a pure action hero. He was more a office character moved inside action situations started by others. His stories always were started by other people, he resolved a puzzle from his desk and he ended the story with a good amount of action but never too much. Here, there are too much action and the serie has forgotten the good part from the season 1 in front of a desk. The season 2 remembers a lot to films as Mission: Impossible. Even there is a scene jumping by the London roofs.

Ray Donovan season 7.

I have not watched yet any episode from this season but I have watched all the seasons before and this serie always is good. It is a mix of action, the live from a family of sociopaths, gansters, strange love and more.

The Mandalorian.

I have spoken before in other threads about what I think from it. Lack of comments, stupid scenes, bad jokes, a main character being a very similar to Boba Fett but with good heart. Compared to Star Trek Discovery or The Expanse, it is a very poor tv serie and if it has success, it is because people eat everything from Star Wars, even if it is a piece of shit.


I do not go to watch it. It is the most stupid story published lately. It remembers a lot to the 100 but………with the stupid story about how the mankind are blind after a virus and they lost all the technology living in a world where only two children can see again, and the rest of the world is blind.

Stranger Things.

I have watched the season 1 and I was starting the season 2 from this Netflix serie. Not bad, it could be better.

What have I watched before?


This tv serie from time travel was cancelled after two seasons but it has a complete good end with two additional episodes. It has some of action and fun. It is good for enjoy your time.


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