Star Wars – Empire at War – FOC Alliance – November update release

The least update was released, if you were subscripted to the mod in Steam, it will update the mod with the last battery of changes, fixes and additions.

-Improved Hutt Heavy Cruiser weapons.
-Improved Hutt Battlecruisers I & II weapons.
-Improved Mandalorian Cruisers weapons.
-Improved Centaur battlecruiser weapons.
-Hypergun and IonGun from Black Sun starbases have hardpoints now.
-More balanced damage.
-Added additional turrets to the MC90 blue and brown.
-Increased damage from torpedoes, heavy rockets and space bombs fired from ships.
-Added Cad Bane P38 fleet in galactic mode.
-Fixed Death Troopers with Terror Trooper name.
-Fixed TIE Bomb name.
-Improved Ground Basilisk.
-Fixed lack of animations from Stormtrooper at Kuat bonus mission.
-Duplicated scale from Admiral Trench ship.
-Improved Venator death animations.
-Improved VSD death animations, all versions.
-Added new Centaur Mandalorian design.
-Added new Medusa Mandalorian desing.
-Added new Advanced Centaur Mandalorian design.
-Added turrets in the Battledragon.
-Added turrets in the Bellator.
-Added turrets in the Mediator.
-Improved stability in space battles.
-Improved several weapons in space.
-Added destroyed models for engines and shields.
-Added destroyed models for several turrets.
-Added turrets in the Mandator I & II.
-Improved all the Imperial heroes.
-Improved music, now game reproduces everything.
-Improved AI in Galactic Conquest.
-Several more non-listed improves.

More new updates soon.

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