Star Wars – Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Bellator vs Mandator III

The Mandator III is added and running. Just I go to add some improves in the textures and the text description in game. But the main part from the unit works. In fact now, few minutes ago, I finished this improve from the Mandator III bump where the main hull looks more plain with less bad parts.

Jason Fry told this about the Mandator and Bellator at

Bellator-class dreadnought – 7.2 km long. The Bellator is a rethinking of the humpbacked Mandator- and Mandator II-class dreadnoughts, which are slightly longer at 8 km. Known in the Imperial military as a “fast dreadnought,” the Bellator sacrifices firepower for speed, where the Mandator III is a 12-km monster valued as a hulking weapons platform. So you have divergent, differently sized redesigns of the same basic hull. (That’s in-universe; out of universe, Warfare’s text and art had separate references to the famous humpbacked ship seen above Byss in Dark Empire. From that accidental collision, a design retcon.)

At my opinion, looking how it looks just as an afirmation without any study, just personal tastes from the moment. This 12km size from the Mandator III has a value of zero point zero for me. From my point of view, the Mandator III being a variant from the Bellator is a ship with a similar size. In fact, curiously, the Mandator IV shares a similar size to these two.

Of course, I do not follow his idea about the Mandator I and II. In the mod they are different units, smaller and created in the time of the Galactic Republic.

Anyway, one thing is paint a unit in your head and one very different is to add it in a real world as I do.

About my design from the Mandator III. It adds more engines than the Bellator, it is a bit faster. The Bellator has more Turbolaser and Ion Guns than the Mandator III but it has not the two main turrets which they give a lot of additional power to the ship. It is the main purpose from the Mandator III, to be a weapons platform.

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