Star Wars – Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Mandator III vs Bellator

I have recorded a new video from this customized skirmiss battle with a more improved version from the Mandator III. It adds some improves in the bump map similar to the work made by Nawrocki in the Bellator. Without him, I must make more things by myself.;)

The last improves remove bad detail and they improve the specular brightness from the hull.

After I finished this work, I started the work with the Assertor. Never I thought before the addition of turrets in this model but after work with it a lot of time, the addition from all the turrets in the painted parts from texture is impossible, there are more of 500 only in the top hull. It is a crazy number when the Bellator has not more of 60. By this reason, if the Assertor gets 120 +- turrets, it will be very good.

It is a matter of balance and what it can run without problems in the mod. There are not any unit in the mod with so many hardpoints.

Well, I will continue working with the Assertor turrets the next days, it goes to be a big challenge.

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