Star Wars – Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Assertor vs Dominance

The Assertor is the last unit where I have added turrets with movement and even if I can add more in this model, I do not go to add more by the moment, at least while I do not make the same with other big models because if I add all the possible turret hardpoints in the top hull from the Assertor, it can be too very powerful compared to other units.

In fact, it happens now as you can see in the video. It adds 115 different weapon hardpoints against the no more of 60 from other SSD. It is awesome but it adds a balance problem. Not too big because the Assertor can be considered the most powerful unit in the mod. Before and now. Just I must make other big units a bit more powerful.

About the Assertor itself, there are clusters of turrets where only one turret has movement and fires. It avoids to make too many real weapons and it was not easier than create 500 hardpoint turrets. But it was neccesary. The main point from them is how when the unique turret firing is destroyed, you will see all the turrets from the cluster being destroyed. Have fun.

But this other work can made slower. I need improve other things as the addition from destroyed models to all the turrets from the mod. It goes to take some of time.

Stay tuned, I will show more and more. 😎

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