Star Wars – Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Last SSDs turret positions

The Executor class, SSD MKI, MKII, Legacy, Vengeance, Terror, Iron Fist, Knighthammer, Executor, Lusankya and some more, the MC104, MC108 and MC112 receive their last final upgrade with the turrets.

First some thoughts. When I started the last SSD Executor class addition of turrets, I was thinking about how the Praetor MKII, Bellator, Mandator III and Warhammer were inferior ships but truly, they are not inferior, they are pocket SSD all them. They can be considered heavy battlecruisers but they are ships so powerful as Executor class.

By this reason, I reduced the number of turrets in the Executor class from 104 to 70. A much better number. You can see in the video how the position from turrets is much better and they continue being very powerful against other smaller ships.

The MC104 has 71 turrets. The MC112 50 turrets and the MC108 44. These two MC Cruisers were not improved yet in the video but they are finished now. These amount of weapons will make them much more useful.

Now, in Galactic Mode, when you be attacked by this big ships, even if they are escorted by 4 smaller ships, they will be a lot more dangerous, many many more compared to the older design of 30 hardpoints from a Executor. 😎

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