Star Wars Rise of Skywaylker – Opinion – Attention Spoilers

Star Wars Rise of Skywaylker – Opinion – Attention Spoilers

This film could be great but as always JJ made a piece of shit adding a lot of stupid things. The first few minutes show us the first stupid part, a Millenium Falcon pursued by several TIEs from the First Order, without any sense and if it could try us to show a scene as in the Empire Strikes Back persecution in the asteroids, it show us one thing very very very poor.

If you did not like the Episode VIII, the IX is a disaster because it breaks everything showed before and it does not show us anything solid.

After the Episode VII, we were thinking who would be the main character replacing to Han Solo. We were not sure if he would be Poe or Finn. In the Episode VIII. Poe was showed as the replacement from Leia, a general more wise, Finn was showed as nothing more than a action hero and Rey was showed as a Han Solo mix with a Jedi. These positions from the main characters were clear and solid. Even Rose had a good position. This character was heavily critized by haters but it was good because it shows us how you do not need be very beautiful if you want be a hero.

In the Episode IX, Rose is mostly hidden. Two shots in all the film. Finn gets a new girl friend, another character revealed from a stupid story.

Poe is a General but……he is showed by a moment as the Han Solo replacement, at the end, he goes jumping from a position to other, without a true place in the story.

Rey story is good. But clearly it was added badly, they should have added some clues in the previous films. I would not be surprise if it had been a thing from the last hour and in a first place there was not Palpatine and she was the hidden daughter from Luke or Leia, the end from the film has a clue about how the film could be in a first place.

Kylo Ren is solid but it suffers the same problem than Rey. Its story gives big jumps without too explanation. The scene from begining is and many others, they look out place…….

Leia has a small part as we waited. It is not strange but his end is a bit…fast, no?

Lando with exception from a stupid scene from the end speaking with a very young woman, where you can think…… he trying to get a young girlfriend? or this girlfriend was thought in a first place and his daughter and the comments were changed…….it is a out place scene, one from many.

As always in JJ films, he has a sense of time very bad, all the film runs in 48 hours and the main characters run from one corner of the galaxy to another very very fast. Another stupid thing…….not even George Lucas made nothing like that……

Palpatine or Superman? he makes several stupid things. In a first place, he remembers to a clone as in the Dark Empire. Next there is another thing relationated with the Baby Yoda from the Mandalorian. Is it good? not really because it is a everything are good.

For me Palpatine looks as a mix of stories from the older UE. In a begining a clone, next a man needed a living body from a Jedi and next absorbing the living force from a Jedi. It remembers a lot to the Dark Empire and other stories.

Other big point from Palpatine, it is how he looks. He has better face than Jennifer Lopez, he looks as the Palpatine from Episode I. For to be a man returned from life……..or a clone or other thing, he is perfect, too perfect.

And there is a thing which probably it was remade, when he takes the power from Rey and Ben, all the scene looks as pasted, out of place.

Superweapons. Another shit in the film. If there was a ISD with a superlaser which it can destroy a planet, why have they builded the Starkiller in first place? it was stupid…..very stupid. We do not know how the ISD can get the energy for to destroy the planet. It is another stupid thing from JJ, very out place.

New designs? Perhaps there is a new walker but it is very far in the scene where it is showed. Ships? not one. The big group of Rebel ships seen in the trailer, it is clearly a reshot, they added all the ships made in previous films, even from Rogue One because there is at least a Profundity in the fleet. It is another piece of shit from JJ.

Well, as you can read, I did not like too much the last film. It is sad, poor, very poor, a lot of stupid things, many computer effects but misused, there is not a single epic moment with exception from the return from some old characters.

For me Rogue One continues as the best film from this century. Followed very closly by the Episode III with its huge Coruscant battle and a lot more of scenary full of detail, all these things are missing in the last trilogy.

Personally, Disney should think in a remake from the last trilogy because it is a big piece of shit.

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