Star Wars – Empire at War – FOC Alliance – SSD MKI & Vengeance turrets

Star Wars – Empire at War – FOC Alliance – SSD MKI & Vengeance turrets

In the next update, there are several updates in the weapons from many starships with the addition from turrets with movement in them. The SSD MKI and the Vengeance are some of the units with this big upgrade.

The SSD MKI, the basic Super Star Destroyer (non a heroe) from the Galactic Empire, it adds 70 new weapons with the turrets showed in the image. I added this type of turrets in the sides because it was the best option. I am not JJ Abrams adding turrets in the hull from a Resurgent Star Destroyer without take in consideration if the starship had them as we could see in the infame Rise of Skywalker film.

The Vengeance can be builded as a normal unit or be used as the transport from Jerec. It adds exactly the same number of turrets than the SSDMKI. The differences are the position from weapons or the lack from a visible shield generator.

Probably you think how share the amount of weapons in different but similar starships is strange, but the differences are most the position of them, other additional weapons, the power from shields and their abilities.

The model has a improve in the engines. Now they look better.

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