Star Wars – Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Dominance vs Assertor

The Dominance gets a big upgrade for fight against the powerful Assertor. Who will it win this fight? I have upgraded the Dominance with 116 turrets, some of them similar to the turrets from Predator and others made new at 100% with a similar design to some side turrets showed by Fractalsponge. These turrets are so good than probably will […]

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Star Wars – Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Mandator III vs Bellator

I have recorded a new video from this customized skirmiss battle with a more improved version from the Mandator III. It adds some improves in the bump map similar to the work made by Nawrocki in the Bellator. Without him, I must make more things by myself.;) The last improves remove bad detail and they improve the specular brightness from […]

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Star Wars – Empire at War – FOC Alliance – November update review

November update

The Alliance Rebellion November update is here. It adds a good amount of fixes/improves/changes. In addition to the continuation from some old upgrades in progress, I have added several new improves. Engines and shields have new graphics showing the break of some parts in all ships It is a work in progress but some units which they have turrets with […]

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Star Wars – Empire at War – FOC Alliance – November update release

The least update was released, if you were subscripted to the mod in Steam, it will update the mod with the last battery of changes, fixes and additions. -Improved Hutt Heavy Cruiser weapons. -Improved Hutt Battlecruisers I & II weapons. -Improved Mandalorian Cruisers weapons. -Improved Centaur battlecruiser weapons. -Hypergun and IonGun from Black Sun starbases have hardpoints now. -More balanced […]

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