Star Wars – Empire at War – FOC Alliance – The 2 Megators problem

Star Wars – Empire at War – FOC Alliance – The 2 Megators problem

After the addition from the ISD new turrets, nothing better than continue a old started GC with these new features. It was a Dark Saber GC started weeks ago for to show you how the mod has not any bug in code adding things as two Megators in several planets.

I do not negate the problem. But it is impossible for the code from the mod. I have told many times how it must be in one thing from the players with the problem. A different software installed some like that stopping the game from load all the files from the mod.

Something is different. It is a fact. However, the answers from people about their computers are short and clearly empty from new information.

If anybody think how I can go to replicate a problem without information about the problem………they are living in another world….. 🙄

If anybody want share complete information about it…please do it. Just with say “I see two megators” does not go to help me….. 🙄

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