Star Wars – Empire at War – FOC Alliance – ISD MKI vs MC80 MKI

After the last weapon upgrades from the ISD, I have made a battle test against a MC80. This ship is the most powerful MC80 from the Rebel Alliance.

The basic Imperial Star Destroyer has seen his weapons upgraded a lot with new turbolasers in the left and right side, new turrets in the top and new turrets in the bottom. The final count is from 28 new weapons.

However, not all are powerful turbolaser. Many of the new turrets in the bottom and top are normal lasers, some less powerful than a turbolaser. Anyway in a combat, everything sum.

At the end, the ISD wins without problems. Balanced? can be or not because by default this unit was most powerful than a MC80. The point now can be discover if it is more powerful than a MC80 MKII and if it happens, upgrade the MKII with more weapons.

We will see it in the next video.

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