Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Never rains to everyone’s taste

Lately I have been playing the Clone Wars GC because somebody told me about how the AI was frozen but you can check by yourself, there is not such problem. Perhaps it was a matter from do not give to the AI enough time. In this type of conflict the AI building times are as the human player and it starts build defenses.

In a non too far future, perhaps in the next month update, I will add an All Eras GC where the Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War and Legacy era will be living in the same GC. It will be different, perhaps a bit imperfect because I can not replace somethings but the essence will be inside. It will be a GC where you will make different things than this CW GC from the video.

Other point, the addition from the All Era GC goes to affect to all the other GCs from Empire and Rebel factions because the normal tech levels will be removed.

Explained from other way, there will be five tech levels but by example, you will not steal anymore tech from the Empire when you play with the Rebels. There will be a simple research from each of the five tech levels and of course, the research stations will continue.

In the All Era GC, in the begining only the Rebel and Empire will have additional research as in the Rebellion GC. But later, I will add it inside the other time eras. It is a matter of time. The additional research will not be used in the other normal GCs or the campaign.

About the normal GCs from Clone Wars or Legacy, really I do not go to change them. They will be as you see.

Returning to the video, you can watch how the galactic mode freezes one or two minutes but it can be considered as normal. It is the price from a AI building things and attacking you. The other option is an AI stopped without do anything. The medium point does not exist. I have been editing this game from 2006, the mod is 13 years old +- and I have tried a lot of things. If anybody has a better solution, he can tell me. But as I said before, it is very old game, it does not use more of 2GB RAM, no more, and single core, it does not use threads or more of one core, and clearly it was not made for a 64bits system but……..I can tell you how it runs better now in Windows 10 Pro 64bits than in a older Windows Xp 32bits. A lot better.

Ah one big different thing now. The shields recharge, even the weapons fire, now differences between poor and better space units are higher. You can note how the Acclamator can take more damage in shields or the Lucrehulks are better.

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