Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – All Era GC, how does it go to be?

Another week, another test with the All Era GC. The basic idea goes very advanced. First from all, you can forgot the normal tech level indicator in the left down of the screen, under the weeks indictator. This is one of the things which I do not know if I go to
replace but it will not be correct.

I would like replace it by “the time era”. Not these words exactly, just something showing the time era. The problem can be how do not make a problem in other GCs.

There will be three time eras, Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War and Legacy. And in the middle of the Galactic Civil War, probably I will add one day a optional path for old UE or Disney story. I do not like the name of new canon or legends. Specially because the Disney work is more as a new Expanded Universe.

There are not anything canon in Disney story because nothing were created by George Lucas and many was created by people which they do not like SW more than their wallets.

About where I would add a cut in the old UE. It would be in the point after the Episode VI. Showing the story from the three Aftermath books with the Grand Admiral Sloane.

These three books show a good part, they are the alternative story about the Empire ends or Empire rename. I am reading them lately, they are curious because in three
books, you read so battles as in the old UE.

Easily I would add part of the characters in a alternative part of the GC. But it will be a optional part added in a future, things are not made at three days and I am not very interested in show the story as it was showed in films…easily I can make some changes because I do not considerer me less creator than the people working in Disney.ç

Returning to this new GC. I can not change colors. I can improve a bit the screen, to add more music but in essence it will not start as you see now. There will be five tech levels and they will unlock new tech and heroes.

With the Clone Wars, there will be a part dividing the Phase 1 troopers from the Phase 2, in similar way to the old CW mod.

If you are thinking about it…….the multiplayer game will be affected a bit. At this moment, I do not know how I go to change it. It will be another goal avoid the problems. 😮

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