Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – New All Era GC Part 1

After many days creating the basic script for the new GC, now I can run a new test. I have been working as a crazy for days completing the basic script code for some like that. It was important to finish it fast because if you make this type of thing with thousands of triggers in many days, you will forgot parts, specially when you have a real live where you make very different things and where disconnect from this at 100%.

With the basic GC, I can play the main three time eras and test many new things. Specially I want play it because I need to check if the AI and some special triggers run without problems.

This GC can be a bit unperfect in some cosmetic parts but it can be the most fun part. When I release the basic part, I will continue adding new parts as new time eras. It can handle at least 5 and by the moment there are 3. I do not go to reveal in public my future plans but I can tell you they will be unique, very fun, special and different from everything made by anybody.

Anyway, probably I have reveal some clues in other post and you can imagine what I am making. But do not ask, I do not go to reveal you it.

I recomend you watch the video.

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