Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Change of scale part II

Time to test the scale changes a bit more. I am playing my previously started new All Era GC. Ignore the errors in filters because even if they were fixed, they will not be showed fixed a previously started GC. But it is the unique way where I can try these new features.

This time, after the reduce of the scale in most of the units in a 50%. I am looking how the mod runs. At a first moment I had thought reduce the camera zoom by default but it will not work if I do not reduce the max view farer and it is needed as you see.

I have not reduced the fighters and many of the small space ships because I like see them flying around the space.

I have thought reduce the lasers but……., why? I do not see a point for this at this moment because there are units very big. Anyway, I need test it a bit more.

The most important thing now to be edited, it must be the flying heights from several units. Some of them were very deep or very high because with the previous scale, some units as the Lucrehulk or Bulkwarks needed a lot more of space. But now…….they are a lot smaller and in the same amount of map, you can add several of them.

Other possible improve is the size from the Death Star. I am thinking about it. The main problem is how it is a sphere with movement and if it is very big, there will not be enough space in the map for other units. It must be studied. I have some ideas.

And well, this is more or less my work now. I am making a new space unit but I do not go to show it before it is more finished. Just a clue, it is not a design from 2019. It is older. Ignored by many people because as many times people follow designs where they are released and after it, they ignore them. But it has been in my mind for many time. Just I was waiting the moment for release it. πŸ˜‰

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