Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – New All Era GC Part 4

Time for a new preview from the All Era GC. This time, I will show you a game testing the jump between the Clone Wars era and the Galactic Empire era or as it would be more correct, Galactic Civil War era between Empire vs Rebels.

In the middle of these jumps, there are several cutscenes, you will remember them from some films and very old games.

Everything in the test was edited making the GC jump between eras faster.

The biggest point from the jump between eras, it is how the human player and the AI can not continue building the previous era units but they have several amounts of older units in their fleets and ground forces. It will show a collision between different time era units.

But the Starbases in the GCE era will show reinforces from Rebels and Empire.

Other point will be how the Galaxy will be restructured a bit, even there will be unlocked planets with each era. The owners from some planets will change.

About a release date from this update and new space scale update, soon but not too soon. Perhaps it will require another month and it will be good for you because this update will affect to your previous savegames.

Stay tuned because I will add more and more features each day.

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