FOC Alliance – Anodyne class

FOC Alliance – Anodyne class

Probably the most strange design made even in Star Wars. A heavily modified design from a Nebulon B. In the SW Universe from Disney, it is named a Nebulon C. I do not go to accept this as a Nebulon C. For me, it is a Anodyne class. I have made the model by myself with a modified textures from a Nebulon B created by Nawrocki. Not bad, always following his great style with the textures.

Bigger than a Nebulon B with 549,17 meters, the Anodyne class is a modular ship made with pieces from many other ships. Most of the New Republic ships (Disney UE) are made following this way, but they are not crap, they have increased systems and they are very powerful.

One big example be the Starhawk with a tractor beam ten thousand times more powerful than the tractor beam from a ISD. This weapon was the cause from the defeat of the Ravager, one of the last SSD from the Empire over Jakku.

By this reason, the Anodyne will be very powerful for a ship from this size and probably there will be several versions because at the end, it is a modular ship.

There will be a GC in the future where you will be able to play with the Resistance of the First Order, only with its units. But I am not interested in the addition of Rey or Kylo or Palpatine. There will be another heroes and I do not go to follow the story from films very close, more or less the story from Aftermath books.

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