Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Starhawk

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Starhawk

The Starhawk is a powerful ship created by the New Republic in the Nadiri Dockyards after the victory in Endor with pieces from Imperial Star Destroyers and all the modern technology that they could put inside the ship.

These ships are more known by the battle of Jakku where one got a SSD named Ravager with its tractor beam. Previously the SSD lost its main engines. However the tractor beam from the Starhawk is descripted in the Aftermath books 10000 times more powerful than a ISD.

In theory, they have 2200 meters (unknown source probably) and they are considered as a Battleship.


  • Matthew Kotecki

    how long till its put in game

  • Nomada_Firefox

    The time that I want. I have other priorities. At the end, it is a mod. Make a donation in the web site and I will put it tomorrow. Otherwise, I prefer work in other stuff and to add the new units one per month or more.

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