Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Anodyne Frigate

A video showing this addition inside the mod. I added it 9 days ago but I could not show a video before because I neeeded time recording it and the internet is too slow lately, I needed hours for to upload the video and several tries.

This frigate named as the first ship seen from its class and not as the name given by Disney without to think in previous released names, it is a mix between a Nebulon B design and the weapons from a Assault Frigate. It will be its role inside the future GC where you will be able to play only with First Order and Resistance units.

This frigate will be interesting because it will add several variants, some of them more different than others in the design. Most of the units inside the Resistance fleet are modular and they can be used in different roles.

In a future, there will be several more versions from other Resistance units. I will show them one by one slowly when I complete other things inside the mod.

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