Close Combat The Bloody First – Veteran mod progress

One week ago I started a new mod for this game with the stuff added by me for the game and thinking in improve the original a bit. In a first time it is a small mod where I can push the limits editing the game and discover what it can be made, what it can not be made, if I can ask to the developers about new modding improves and giving to the new modding creators an additional amount of new stuff.

My first additions are easy, just more soldiers in the infantry teams and some new ground vehicles. There will be changes of models and type in some of the original vehicles.

It will not add a story realism in the type of units but it will be fun. Anyway, you will need create new scenarios if you want see some of the new units.

At this moment I have added eight soldiers in some infantry teams, the M36GMC, the 0.50HMG in the M10 with another 3D model (not in video the HMG), the Jagdtiger and the Jagdphanter. The addition from new vehicles take some time by the research about the armor, capabilities, weapons and more. It is not a matter of convert old values from other games.

I have recorded a small video showing some of the changes.

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