Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – The Onager Star Destoyer and other new features

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – The Onager Star Destoyer and other new features

The Onager Star Destroyer is one of the last additions. But it is not the last from this week. I have added turrets with movement in the Resurgent, most of its weapons are turrets now, 52, and I have added a new fighters/bomber balance where the most modern and powerful fighters have a bigger advantage against the older fighters/bombers.

In fact, I added more, the heroes with fighters will be very good against enemy fighters. You will not lose the Millenium Falcon in two shots.

The fighters as the ARC 170 or the Y-Wing by example, they will add turrets with movement and it gives a plus to these units. However, bombers are not fighters and they are weak against fighters.

Probably you note how the turbolasers target fighters/bombers, now the damage from these weapons will be minimun. It can be seen as a these small units avoiding the enemy turbolasers from larger ships. I could just remove these weapons from target enemy fighters/bombers but it increases the realism.

I am finishing the addition from shadows in more and more fighters/bombers, there are many and it will not be finished yet.

Other work in progress is the scale reduce from some explosion effects, another thing which I can not make in few days.

About the new unit, the Onager Star Destroyer is not a very big unit and really it is not very powerful in space. It has not a lot of weapons. It can defeat some units and when it is in the correct line, the main weapon can fire enemy ships but it is not its primary goal. This unit is an orbital artillery unit and by this reason, it will be as a special generic heroe adding a ground advisor who he can request a orbital bombardement from the Onager, you can imagine how powerful it will be. I will show you it when it be ready.;)

Well, these are just some of the changes from the past days. The most important probably.


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