Close Combat The Bloody First – May 22 progress

Another week waiting the release from a improve in the main game where I can add new sounds and icons. Because these days I was playing the Sudden Strike 4, I increased my tastes about edit more the TBF and finally I have made group of improves making the TBF more as the old CC mods in the older CC games.

I have made a lot of edits. These are some of them.

Before I had added teams with 8 soldiers and now I have increased with these amounts most of the command teams. It is a good change, specially thinking in the team upgrades.

All the AT team upgrades with Bazooka or Panzerschreck, the AT rifles are very poor from the new armored vehicles added in the mod.

Panzerfauts 60 and 100 have been added. Now most of the German teams use them.

Scout teams have been improved mostly with SMG weapons. It is very similar to the older CC games.

The Assault Team upgrade from Germans use Panzerfausts, they have three soldiers but now they are more useful. But I must say how I have not tested too much these weapons I believe that they can run a bit different from te older CC games. Perhaps they are not used in the same situations, just againts vehicles or perhaps being a secondary weapon, they are used a lot less. I do not know.

The default morale/experience settings from the game are in my opinion very poor. Teams enter panic easily, even heavier vehicles and usually you can not deploy many command teams. By default, I have increased these settings and some units from the heavier armored vehicles are better. Do not worry, you will continue seeing the scout vehicles enter in panic and run away to the first feeling of danger. 😆

I have made some small tweaks in different teams, adding different weapons. Probably I will change even the names.

About the operation/campaign, I have worked with the stuff released by ineffable in the Matrix games forums and I have plans for a West Europe campaign but I see two points with it.

Germans should have a operation where they were attacking, some as a counteroffensive. Perhaps I can make several operations and join them in a campaign.

Anyway, by the moment I test it with original maps and new scenarios. But I will need to create a big amount of converted new maps. Probably I will use the best that I be able find. But I would like some as the Western Front mod from CC3. This feature will take many time probably. We will see what I get the next weeks or months.

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