Close Combat TBF – Veteran campaign Part 1

I have recorded a new video playing with US troops the campaign. It is the first part from the video, I need play the other 3 maps from Omaha. Being the first test, it was very correct with a AI deploying teams in positions closer to the borders. In fact the AI has surprised me because It gave me a good fight, I was curious about if it would defend in good positions closer to my lines. The maps probably help because these are not too big.

The battles were realistic because Omaha was much more difficult for the US troops than Utah, the amount of enemy bunkers helped the enemy.

Other point, experience is everything in this game, when your teams get experience, they are better. The enemies, at least this WN Infantry teams are weak and as I said before, they can not survive with good moral too many time.

About bugs, just the uniforms from Afrika in the first map, Tare Green and a Bunker in Omaha out its position, nothing which I can not fix probably.

Now, probably I can think in some inland maps. The UK beaches are for a part more advanced from the mod, there are things which I need research about them and clearly I must make teams, vehicles and more.

More soon.


  • I recently read that the Germans had moved a large force into the Omaha area; which partly explains the USA difficulty.

    • Nomada_Firefox

      Look the Omaha operation, there are 4 maps from one beach, if you take in consideration the troops from all the beaches, you will see how there are a lot of troops.;)

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