C&C Remastered – Review

3 days ago, the C&C Remastered was released, it adds the old C&C and C&C Red Alert with all their expansions. Being one of my favourite franchises, I could not avoid to buy and play it.
In essence, we are in front of a old game improved with a better resolution and definition from all graphics, sounds and more. The game play have not been changed, the designs from things inside are the same, they have not added a soldier different from the original, just it looks a better. Some people will not like it because in essence, it is the same old game without much modern things as by example a 3D terrain where you can see grass and other 3D objects.  But others as me, they will see how the decision from do not change these things, it was very good because they were part from the game essence.
The game has a point which I could not record. When you start the game by first time, it starts in 640×480 resolution and it has a movie where it is being upgraded with better resolution and sounds, have fun. There are a similar thing in the first mission from the campaign.
I will record another video in the future showing more. I recomend you watch it and discover what is different now.
And remember, if you want see a Star Wars Empire at War 2 or a remastered version, one true, not a mod full of overloaded graphics, one version where we see modern DX shaders and where the game can handle more things, to buy the C&C Remastered is the way because it shows to EA how the RTS games give profits and it increases the chances from a new RTS from Star Wars made by Petroglyph.

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