Close Combat The Bloody First – Veteran progress – 17 June

After some problems with the new buildings and the vehicles entering them, I could discover what was the problem and improve these new 3D models. I have not removed any of them, I use the corner building and all the other three new versions. Even I could add interior walls but at least by the moment, I do not need paint different the interior walls. It would take time and there are other preferences. I can be made in other moment. Perhaps tomorrow. 😆

At the same time, I have completed my improve from the combat. At my opinion, the infantry in the original game was killed too easily. Always I had this point about how in the original game, a machine gun team was lucky if it could kill one or two teams but in the original TBF, it could kill a lot more of enemies and not only this, it could put in panic mode to all the enemies.

Why were there that differences? I respect the opinion from the developers but I go to tell you my analisis about it by points.

The new engine adds maps where there are a 2D background with 3D objects. At this maps, there are elevations. 3D objects and elevations add all the LOS changes. But not all terrain in a map adds 3D objects and many parts are plain terrain.

There are different type of terrains set in the map but most of it does not offerd any covert in any position of the soldiers. There are default rocks and brush for open ground terrain but you can see a lot of holes in the terrain without give any protection.

The covert in the 65% from a map is zero because there are anything giving covert.

Buildings. Even if they are mostly stone buildings, their protection values (mm RHA equivalent) are the half from a MG penetration values and windows or doors do not give any protection. In buildings where there are windows in all walls, the level of protection is close to zero.

I believe how it was the reason because soldiers entered at panic easily. Too many bullets flying around without nothing stopping them.

By these reasons, I have given more covert in any type of terrain when soldiers are in the sneak position. It gives you a chance if your team is crossing terrain in open field and an enemy team fires in your team being not too close. Very similar to the old CC games.

With the buildings, I have giving them a bit more covert than the penetration value from a MG. Windows and doors give a covert value if the soldier is crouch but it is a smaller value.

Now thanks to these changes. The combat is more a close combat. You can watch the video and judge. The new values convert the game in a thing more similar to the older games where you or the enemy can sneak and ambush easier. Before it was very difficult and you lost a lot of soldiers because they entered at panic.


About the battle and map itself. St Mere Eglise is the bigger map by the moment, it adds a big city comparing with other CC maps and I required several days editing it. It will be part from a German counterattack operation where 82 US troops must defend. It will look different to the original game because playing as Germans, you can choose the attack time. At the same time, US troops can dig trenches. This operation will add four maps and probably I will release it this week with all the other changes. As I said, I would update the mod with each new operation.

Ah now remembering. Other point. In the original game, the operations and battles follow a time line. In the Veteran mod the time line will not be followed at 100%. You can play a operation several days and next continue the campaign in other operation started days before. If I had made it following a time line, you would not be able finish most of the operations. Perhaps I could made a campaign where you return to a previous map. I do not know, there will be things which probably I can try. Other point can be to make a map or operation which you would not play if you do not win in other map. As you can see, there are many options. Everything can be used in the future. 😉

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