Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Additional update

Yesterday, I updated the mod again with several good additions. You will be able to continue playing with your previous savegames but if you start a new GC, you will see many very good things.

This is the main list of changes:

-Fixed CIS heroes research in Total War.
-Added research building builded in Total War playing with the additional factions.
-Improved resistance builded starbases pads.
-Added Anakin Eta 2 Force Confuse ability.
-Added ObiWan Eta 2 Targeted Invulnerability ability.
-Ground infantry teams spawned, all them with a platoon leader.
-Fighters/Bomber shield recharge improved. Adding differences between much powerful and less powerful.
-Heroe small ships shield recharge improved.
-Difficulty settings improved. Differences between hard, medium and easy are bigger.
-Leveled multipliers from AI in the hard level preventing the AI making strange things in combat and breaking the very customized damages.
-Improved Rebellion research levels for the Insurrection planets.
-Added Kamino station at Belderone from the Insurrection GC.
-Improved planet radar image in galactic mode.
-Insurrection GC. Fixed rebel buildings at Imperial Alderaan.

As you can read, there are a good amount of improves but there are four improves which they are very good.

First all the ground infantry teams use platoon leaders and it should improve the performance in Galactic mode a bit, at least as Corey from TR mod discovered. However, the scale from things in the FOC Alliance is a lot bigger and the performance can not be so good because in first place the need of computer resources is bigger and it will depend from your machine. However you can note how the first ten weeks from the Insurrection GC runs better in my computer now than before.

This is now.

And before in the week 10 and more.

The second good improve is the shield recharge from fighters/bombers. It is a work from many months. Now they recharge if they do not receive more enemy shots and that difference goes to make units with shields much more advanced than units without shields. You can see in the last video how the Droid Fighters from CIS are worse defended than the Republic bombers with shields and these can survive a lot more of time.

When more advanced and powerful be the fighter/bomber, better they will be the shields giving a plus armor to these units.

The third improve is the galactic map with all the planets more expanded and far some of the others. Some planet positions as the raid option were reduced at size and now these options look better. The same with the small galaxy map. It is much better now.

The fourth option is the difficult levels, improving differences between easy, medium and hard. Hard level will continue being hard but it will work different, with a bit more of time between attacks, mostly depending from the situation of the GC, if you attack, the AI will take more time in the counterattack.

Easy level is easy, enemy units are weaker and the enemy attacks are more spaced between them. Medium level is the medium, considered the normal level.

There are few more additions as some new heroe abilities but compared to the previous descripted improves, they are small changes. Anyway, a very good improve for to continue playing the game all this month and more.

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